In Extremis (2017) Review

A man comes home early from his office job to a massive storm that sets off a chain of bizarre events where he struggles to project his wife and daughter from a tragic Truth that he is yet to come to terms with.

Director Steve Stone directs and writes a beautiful and vicious tragic story about coming to terms with a brutal reality where we are all trying to fight back an inevitable storm. Despite the time confusion in the middle of the film the 3rd act pays off brilliantly with a MASSIVE kick to the gut that leaves you in tears. David o’Hara delivers an INCREDIBLE Peformance as a family man trying desperately to hold on to the family that he loves and eventually comes to terms with a sad truth.

The music and atmosphere is brilliant also. This is a sad but brilliant tale about facing some hard truths and having to sometimes let go no matter how tragic the circumstances. 4.5/5

Buzzard Hollow Beef Review

A family come together to celebrate Thanksgiving only to discover that the meat they are devouring are passing on horrifying holucinations that eventually drive the family insane and paranoid of the potential dangers that lurk.

I felt this film was a bit too short as things did get out of hand towards the last 30 mins but sadly not in a way that you knew what was going on. I will say that the pratical effects for the gore and violence was FANTASTIC and was the stand out and tbh when was the last time you saw a horror about people holucinating from eating meat and turning Into potential crazy cannibals so I have to give writer Tara C. Hall a lot of credit for that. In some ways it is a Typical Cannibal film with its own twist as it doesn’t really follow traditional rules which in my mind is a good thing. 3/5

The Unwilling Review

6 people are brought together after the passing of an estranged family member. During their visit they are presented with a mysterious box that begins a series of horrific events where each victim is given what they want…for a price. As they are possessed by an tormenting entity.

An interesting premise with a twist at the end that almost paid off if the end wasn’t so sudden. Lance Henriksen stands out with he’s short but sweet performance which sadly eclipses the other 6 actors Peformances which sadly weren’t that great. I did like the OCD Awareness too and the struggles of mental health. I wouldn’t mind seeing a prequel explaining the history of the box. 3/5

Redwood Review

A troubled couple take a journey into the woods where they decide to take a ‘Short Cut’ to a restricted area where they are preyed apon by Vampires. But not all is at at seems as the vampires are a result of a curse much more terrifying.

This is a brilliant Carachter driven story about a couple who are coping through a crisis. You care a lot about this couple and their struggles which many out there sadly can relate too…..However.

If I’m being hunted in the woods by Vampires with my girlfriend I’m not gonna be cracking jokes every few minutes. Which is why the script isn’t that greatly written but the carachters are BRILLIANTLY performed by both Mike Beckingham and Tatjana Nardone.

It’s also a shame that Nicholas ‘Xander Harris’ Brendom doesn’t have enough screen time as he stood out as this badass ranger in the woods…wouldn’t mind a film about his Carachter. The score is great though and the scenery shots from the drones were amazing too that set up the atmosphere also. 3.5/5.

Caught Review

In the 1970’s A married couple who specialise in photography are visited by a strange man and woman who question the couple about a field nearby occupied by the army. When the couple fail to answer the strange duo they are viciously attacked and have no choice but to comply to these people who….don’t exactly act like regular people. The couple must figure out what they want if they wish to survive the day with not only their lives at stake but their children also.

This is a very atmospheric Horror that takes place AT DAYTIME which I think is brave. The performances of The ‘Strange Couple’ (Just a cute nickname I gave the baddies as this movie is a lot like ‘The Strangers’) is FANTASTIC. They remind me of ‘The Family’ From Dr Who Season 3. The ‘High Stakes’ of an entire family at risk from these ‘people’ is what makes this film as uncomfortable and terrifying to watch…Not enough horror films with that these days. Very well scripted too. Gotta give a shout out to Amy Pearson for her incredible Peformance also. 4/5

Once Upon a Time At Christmas Review

A small town in Canada is under Seige at Christmas as a serial killer couple posing as Mr and Mrs Clause go on a sadistic killing spree leaving the police (for the most part) baffled. The killings DO have a connection and the police and town locals work effortlessly to track down the crazy duo.

Christmas horror movies this year are OWNING it in the independent scene. 1st ‘Better watch out’ and now this. The couple are pretty much what would happen if you mix Harley Quinn and The Joker with Mickey and Mallory Knox. Christ theirs TOO MANY similarities between this movie and The Dark Knight….Not that it’s a bad thing…I need to do a spoiler review around Christmas.

This film ENTERTAINED me from start to finish with its sadistic kills, The cops effortlessly hunting down the killer by any means and Mr & Mrs Clause stealing the show with their amazing Peformances. We need to get a kickstarter to make this into a series of comic books…or better yet a video game. 5/5

That’s right…I’m making this my 5STAR Film of The British Horror Film Festival. Once upon a time at christmas is released in Canada, USA and The UK on December 11th. Congrats to director Paul Tanter, Producer Mem Ferda and the entire cast and crew.

Deadline Miami Issue 1 Review

The 1st part of Deadline Miami EXPLODES out of the gate with a wicked sense of ‘Don’t give a Fuck’ Humour, fun references and a Massive body count which leaves you in suspense for what’s to come next.

The styles and colours of this comic are NEXT Level with a Blend of old school that Vishal delivers beyond par along with Ashlee Galloway as the Interior Artist. Gigi Saul Guerrero was well chosen for the likeness too with her awesome shots….also when she’s shooting the bad guys ;). Awesome cameos from Tristan Risk & Ellie Church too.

The Babysitter (2017) Review

So you’ve all seen DIE HARD right???…I’m assuming anyone reading this has…and you’ve seen all the different versions that other movies have copied over the years…well The Babysitter is pretty much DIE HARD…With a Babysitter….if The Babysitter is Hans Gruber…it’ll make more sense when you watch the movie…not if..WHEN!!…Cause you need to watch this AWESOME Action – Horror – Comedy.

Cole is an insecure 12 year old boy who is pretty much afraid of everything, learning to drive, spiders, bullies and the possibility of his parents getting divorced. But at least he has a beautiful Babysitter looking after him. One night he stays up late to see the Babysitter having a Truth or Dare Party with her friends….Where someone gets brutally killed….and has their blood poured into a cup for some satanic ritual…..oh did I forget to mention that the Babysitter and her friends are Satanists….well I just did. They also plan on taking some of Coles Blood for the ritual….Cole obviously has other plans. So begins a night where Cole finds himself trying to survive from a gang of sadistic teens Hell bent on sacrificing Cole to keep their dark secret.

This movie has SO MUCH going for it right now. A great cast of young actors, a great soundtrack (I swear ‘We are the champions’ has been used in awesome ways before but THIS may very well be a winner here) and great style that director McG knows only too well. I do have some issues with the film the biggest one being that I wish we got more time with more charachters as some of them were Massively entertaining. Bella Thorne being an example here as she had some funny as hell lines. But the 2 mains which is of corse Cole (Judah Lewis) and Bee (Samara Weaving) had FANTASTIC Chemistry throughout the movie. Kinda wish I hadn’t seen the trailer as I would’ve given this 5 Stars. But yes I encourage all to see this FANTASTIC Netflix instant classic. Certainly one I’ll watch many times over


Egomaniac 2016 Review

Fun little fact about myself. Every February I host a series of screenings in London in support of WIHM (Women in Horror Month). At the very 1st WIHM Event that I hosted I had the opportunity to show a trailer for Kate Shenton’s Feature Debut ‘Egomaniac’ which would have its world premiere to a sold out crowd at Frightfest 2016.

Catherine Sweeney is a driven young woman who has a dream of making a Zombie Romantic Comedy Horror. She is offered funding for the film as long as she makes a few ‘Changes’ to her original concept. Which pretty much includes everything she had planned for the film in the 1st place which includes changes in actors, plot and the addition of a talking dog. Catherine eventually falls under all the pressure and humiliating hurdles that she struggles to pass and eventually takes matters into her own hands to make the film she’s always wanted by any means necessary.

I’m meant to tell you that this is the funniest film of 2016 with its great improv type humour and great script (and yeah it is a damn well made funny movie) but I swear towards the end it gets pretty dark and gritty. Which I think director Kate Shenton had in mind after all. If I was reviewing this after seeing it the 1st time in would’ve put this as a negative but after seeing this 3 times (cause it’s THAT good) I actually see this as strong point of the film as it reflects some of the hardships that female filmmakers (and if I gotta be honest most filmmakers in general for that matter) deal with when attempting to get their films made.

Truly compromise does kill and in many metaphoric and Fucked up ways as this film has its fantastic humour blended with dark under tones that made this one of the most funniest (and possibly most disturbing) films of Frightfest 2016. Nic Lamont is full of energy as Catherine Sweeney throughout and I gotta give a shout out to Eric Elick on an intense score too. 5/5

Egomaniac is now available on itunes and Amazon Prime

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Stephen King’s IT (2017) Review

Before I begin this review I’d like to tell you of a nostalgic experience that I was apart of before the movie began.

I arrived at the VUE cinema in Leicester Square where I found myself lining up in a cue of around 300 fellow horror fans and Frightfest regulars that stretched right around the corner and beyond. I was at 1st concerned as to wether I’d get into the screening but then I was informed that theirs 2 screens so I was very relieved…and then very happy. Only 2 other times in history have I ever had to join a large cue for a screening which were Jurassic Park when I was 8 years old and Star Wars: The Force Awakens….Honestly I wish we could do this more often…..wait what I’m I doing again???*checks notes* Oh right! The ‘IT’ Review….

‘Horror remakes’….a phrase that sends chills down the spines of many hardcore horror fans…mainly cause a lot of Horror remakes don’t live up to the original but some have stepped up and made great renditions of the classics we know and love and made them their own. Zach Snyder’s ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and The recent ‘Hannibal’ tv series (The 1st two seasons) from Bryan Fuller to name a few. But does ‘MAMA’ Director Andrés Muschietti’s vision of one of Stephen Kings most celebrated books live up to the hype….DAMN RIGHT IT DOES!!!

In the small town of Derry, Maine a series of dissappearences start taking place as a group of children called ‘The Losers Club’ are tormented with their worst fears by a supernatural being posing as a clown….But you know this already….What! It’s Stephen Kings IT! One of the most iconic horrors EVER! Most of us have seen The Teleseries with Tim Curry…it’s a masterpiece!!…Well the 1st part anyways.

Ladies and gentlemen to quote Bill Goldberg ‘Believe The Hype’. This film is almost a ‘Film of the year’ contender if it wasn’t for the CGI moments that kinda diminished the dread the audience was feeling at the time. That is the ONE and ONLY negative thing I have to say about this movie. One thing I was not expecting to like about this movie was the FANTASTIC Score that blended so brilliantly with the camera angles, colour and set designs that create drama and tension throughout this 2 Hour+ thrill ride that BTW didn’t feel that long.

The cast (ALL OF THEM) Were great. So much humour, so much emotion, you cared so much about the members of The Losers Club. Each one has a specific fear that pennywise preys upon well….and speaking of Pennywise….When I 1st saw this guy (The sewer scene Obviously) it reminded me of that scene from The Dark Knight when The Joker 1st speaks to the gangsters in that room (Yeah y’all know what scene I’m talking about) I got goosebumps watching Bill Skarsgård’s opening scene tempting georgie. Bill Skarsgård really made Pennywise his own and scared the hell out of the audience throughout. Just wish he had more dialogue.

Overall this is one of the best horror remakes and potential horror film of the year that delivers drama, humour and a lot of scares and great Peformances. Very interested to see how part 2 plays out. 4.5/5

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