Film Reviews

Boar Review

Frightfest Presents took the opportunity to showcase their new titles added to their collection at Frightfest 2018. One title they have chosen is The Australian Creature Feature BOAR.

Boar follows a small but close community in australia who are terroized by a Boar the size of a Rhino. People are picked off one by one by this killer machine of an animal who is leaving dead bodies in its path.

The creature itself looks scary and intimidating as any creature that came before in horror which I usually enjoy and did at times during this movie and The pratical creature effects amplified the terror. However I find it hard to believe that a creature as big as this beast can move around so quietly without being detected which bothered me as if you want to scare an audience with the creatre just simply have it tear through people and not build up jump scares.

The cast were great. I love the vibe and Banter of the community which did keep me entertained throughout. The gore and deaths were Fantastic also. I do wish the creature had a chance to kill more people in the daytime as the night time kills you could bearly see. Seeing this beast in the daytime charging at people was terrifying and I wish I could’ve seen more of that.

A Solid 3.5/5 Lets hope for a couple of sequels to establish this Beast.

Dead Night Review

For many years at Frightfest we have been greeted by The Presence of The Horror icon Barbera Crampton. This year she returned to Frightfest bringing her A Game with a unique role that’s certainly outside the box for this chilling thriller called Dead Night.

A family take a break from their current woes with a winter trip to a cabin in the woods which is unlike any other cabin trip previously told in horror as they save a woman from the cold only to find out that sometimes helping others can lead to grave misfortunes as the family is then terroized by creatures and a darker conspiracy as the secrets of the cabin are unraveled.

This was a dark, disturbing slasher where you think its being spoiled by the ‘True Crime’ episode that plays throughout the movie but the truth is far more bizarre which makes this the beginning of (I Hope) a small franchise as it left a lot of unanswered questions but still managed to be entertaining with good kills, great creature effects, impressive score and a Stand Out, Chilling performance from Barbara Crampton.

4/5…..Keep an eye out for that Paul Verhoeven reference too

One Cut From The Dead Review

From the moment I saw The Sypnosis boasting an over 30 minute one take I was DETERMINED to catch this film at this years FrightFest. But I wasn’t prepared for what was to come after the take.

ONE CUT FROM THE DEAD follows a filmmaking crew attempting a one take LIVE episode of a Zombie horror show where they are attacked by ACTUAL Zombies in what appears to be an abandoned building with a cursed past.

If The opening Super long take doesn’t convince you then (To Quote Samuel L Jackson)…’Hold On To Your Butts’ as There is another 60 plus mins which I will not spoil but I promise you will be laughing you ass off for the rest of The Movie.

One Cut From The Dead is a True Love Letter to filmmaking and the improv that many attempt behind the camera to make movie magic. A wonderful testemant to the magic of film.

A SOLID 5/5 The BEST Movie not only of FrightFest 2018 but potentially appearing in my all time Top 5 in FrightFest History

Braid Review

At Film festivals all across the world we all watch movie that make us all react in different ways. Some positive…Some Negative and some that make us flat out say simply…..WHAT THE FUCK??!!!! The latter is what truly stands out at Frightfest 2018 with ‘Braid’.

Braid follows 2 young female drug dealers who almost get busted by the cops and are forced to retreat to their friends Daphne who is quite unstable and sets up a sadistic game of doctor in which the girls are forced to roleplay and obey the rules…..or else.

I truly like a little bit of madness in my movies ESPECIALLY when it involves crazy, sadistic women. Which thankfully this movie delivers. I’m not too keen on the plot which kinda went nowhere and the movie relied on its visual (Trippy) Effects and out right insanity to save the day where in places it did but other places failed.

Give me an actual story with a plot i can follow and this could’ve been the 2nd 5Star movie of Frightfest 2018 but sadly I gotta give it a 4/5.

Frightfest: Beneath The Dark Heart of Cinema Review

Frightfest Day 2 began with a wonderful documentary spelling out in detail everything I’ve been screaming at my closest friends and family the adrenaline fuelled 5 day extravaganza that is The Wrestlemania of Film Festivals FRIGHTFEST!!

FRIGHTFEST: Beneath The Dark Heart of Cinema tells the history of a Film Festival that has existed for almost 20 years with interviews from Alan Jones, Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattery and Grey Day including long time loyal members of the Frightfest community including Jake West, Mal Jutley, Damon and Annette Rickard, Katie Bonham also feature directors Adam Green, Joe Lynch… I swear to god my fingers are gonna fucking bleed out if I end up mentioning everyone in this documentary.

No seriously director Chris Collier and Craig Lakin Ennis worked their asses off to include as many members of The Frightfest Community as possible through interviews, shots of them at the festivals over the years or all the awesome photos of the community within the credits. (Many thanks for showing my FrightFest tattoo as well guys….No I’m not crying you’re crying Lol)

The interviews were very honest about the opinions not only about the standout films of the festivals from The Human Centipede, Hachtet, The Soska Sisters American Mary, but also the venues that changed over the years and hurdles that the organizers had to overcome to get the best films played at every festival.

After watching this documentary the respect and love that I have for not only Paul, Alan, Ian and Greg but the Frightfest Community as a whole has rapidly increased as this documentary shows just how much FrightFest means to everyone involved from the creators who work their asses off year round to make it happen to the fans who show their appreciation by showing up and enjoying the amazing films shown every year.

5/5……This was never in any doubt.

Mega Time Squad Review

Opening night of Frightfest 2018 ended with a fun sci-fi comedy all the way from New Zealand called Mega Time Squad.

Mega Time Squad follows a young criminal who collects for the local crime boss of his small town when he one day decides to rob a Chinese shop. There he finds a bracelet that grants him the ability to time travel. From there he (Poorly) attempts to make his life better by (Again Poorly) outwitting his former boss and taking his bosses sister as she apparently has a crush on our would be (and I say this very loosely)….Hero??

I’m not gonna lie….I didn’t think this movie was as good as it was hyped up to be HOWEVER I was pissing myself laughing during many scenes. I 100% believe in giving credit where credit is due and Director Tim Van Dammen certainly delivered on the comedic side of this movie with a very blunt script. Wouldn’t mind seeing more comedies form this filmmaker.

3/5 A one time watch but highly recommended to those who want to laugh their asses off.

Summer of 84 Review

The RKSS Gang Return from The OUTSTANDING Success of The 2014 masterpiece ‘Turbo Kid’ and have gifted FrightFest 2018 with The 80’s style suspense thriller ‘Summer of 84’.

A young kid suspects that his next door neighbor is a serial killer so he rounds up his 3 best friends to help investigate the mysterious and circumstancial events that may (or may not) prove themselves right.

This film has everything you want in a Love letter to the 80’s from goonie style kids who just can’t stay out of trouble (or innapropiate jokes about girls they like) to a great soundtrack filled with classic 80’s tunes that is paired with an amazing score. Incase you were wondering YES there are many classic 80’s references and even a reference to IRON SKY. 10 points to whomever spotted that reference during The Frightfest Screening. 20 to whomever gets the South Park one too Lol.

As funny and entertaining as this film is it is at the same time DEFINATLY a Horror Movie and you will leave this movie with a cold chill down your spine. Which is what impressed me the most about this movie.

4.5/5 Keep up the good work RKSS

‘The Ranger’ Review

This years Arrow Video Frightfest kicked off with Jenn Wexler’s Direcrorial Debut ‘The Ranger’ which opened for a reason….Cause it’s BRUTAL…..AS…..FUCK

A group of Arrogant (I seriously can’t stress enough) ARROGANT Punk teens run from the city after a wild night which may have included a shit ton of drugs and a SERIOUS assault on a police officer. They run to a cabin near a mountain where they encounter The Local Ranger who takes his job VERY Seriously!

Within the group of drug dealing, Stealing & Vandelising bunch is Chelsea who’s cabin they hide in used to belong to her uncle who passed away when Chelsea was very young. Eventually the group run foul of The Ranger who needs just the smallest excuse to MASSIVLY abuse his authority in the most sickening of ways. Before they know it the group find themselves in a fight for survival where Chelsea must confront the truth of her uncles death and the maniac hell bent on changing her ways.

This is an old school late 70’s style survival horror where there is no mercy handed to these kids by a Satistic Ranger who hunts his prey with no remorse. I swear it’s like what would happen if The Terminator and Robocop had a baby.

Chloe Levine is without question THE Standout performance of this movie as she takes no shit from start to brutal finish. Jeremy Holm is entertaining also as The Ranger with his twisted but chill sense of Humor.

The deaths were fun too and I Liked the soundtrack although I wish there was more score as that at times set a creepy atmosphere that blended well with this impressive debut in The Directors Chair from Jenn Wexler.

A SOLID 4/5.

In Extremis (2017) Review

A man comes home early from his office job to a massive storm that sets off a chain of bizarre events where he struggles to project his wife and daughter from a tragic Truth that he is yet to come to terms with.

Director Steve Stone directs and writes a beautiful and vicious tragic story about coming to terms with a brutal reality where we are all trying to fight back an inevitable storm. Despite the time confusion in the middle of the film the 3rd act pays off brilliantly with a MASSIVE kick to the gut that leaves you in tears. David o’Hara delivers an INCREDIBLE Peformance as a family man trying desperately to hold on to the family that he loves and eventually comes to terms with a sad truth.

The music and atmosphere is brilliant also. This is a sad but brilliant tale about facing some hard truths and having to sometimes let go no matter how tragic the circumstances. 4.5/5

Buzzard Hollow Beef Review

A family come together to celebrate Thanksgiving only to discover that the meat they are devouring are passing on horrifying holucinations that eventually drive the family insane and paranoid of the potential dangers that lurk.

I felt this film was a bit too short as things did get out of hand towards the last 30 mins but sadly not in a way that you knew what was going on. I will say that the pratical effects for the gore and violence was FANTASTIC and was the stand out and tbh when was the last time you saw a horror about people holucinating from eating meat and turning Into potential crazy cannibals so I have to give writer Tara C. Hall a lot of credit for that. In some ways it is a Typical Cannibal film with its own twist as it doesn’t really follow traditional rules which in my mind is a good thing. 3/5