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10 Awesome Shorts From Frightfest 2017

Frightfest presented a series of great Feature Films but it would be a cardinal sin to not mention The Amazing Shorts I witnessed at This year’s Frightfest too. So here are some brief reviews for 10 AWESOME Shorts I saw at Frightfest 2017. Before I start I’m referring to the shorts that played in the 3 short blocks that played during the festival.

For a Good Time Call – Dir. Izzy Lee
This is quite simply a Fuck You to all The asshole men of The world who think it’s cool to film themselves having sex with their girlfriend and post it online and scratch their heads with confusion as to ‘How ever did it get online’? Tristan Risk is on hand to teach a very harsh Lesson to said asshole in this disturbing (yet powerful) Short.

Teddy Bears Picnic – Thomas Hodge – Q very well designed set (Streight out of The Mad Hatter’s scenes from Batman Arkham City). A mother and daughter go into the woods where there is a deadly surprise awaiting them. Love The costume too.

Real Gods Require Blood – Moin Hussain – A disturbing Drama about a troubled family that draws a thin line between life and death. The atmosphere was very disturbing throughout.

Vocabulary 1 – Becky James – Arguably the funniest short of the festival which takes young education to a whole new level. Had the entire crowd pissing themselves.

Blood Shed – James Moran – A Fun Comedy about a Shed that eats people. A lot of cool references to classic horrors too. Very well written too.

Feeding Time – Matt Mercer – Adventures in Baby sitting where The adventure doesn’t end well when you’re babysitting demons. Najarra Townsend and Graham Skipper are fun as the over eccentric parents.

Mab – Katie Bonham – A disturbing fairy tale drama about a young girl living in poverty when she visits an old woman with a dark occupational whilst dealing with a toxic relationship. A great atmospheric drama.

The Welcoming – Russ Gomm – Uncomfortable short with no dialogue featuring a family out on a picnic when a young girl goes for a walk and finds herself lost and at the mercy of a cult member. Brilliantly Shot.

Maivaises TĂȘtes (Bad Heads) – Rebekah Fieschi – An obsessed woman who wishes to try out different boyfriends creates her own sick experiment to find the right man. A fantastic throwback to 1930’s Horror.

Man in The Moon – Monique Mulcahy – An Emotional moving drama about a single mother having to let go of her son when he is sent to the moon by aliens.

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Tragedy Girls Review

Last year’s closing film at Frightfest 2016 was a tearjerker MASTERPIECE that had us all bawling our eyes out and ended The Festival on a HIGH Note. This year’s Closing film was no exception (I mean we were only crying cause the festival ended) as we were Massively entertained with a BADASS Action Comedy about best friends and The Twisted lengths we are willing to go to become big on social media.

2 best friends kidnap a serial killer in an attempt to learn the full details of his killings so that they can report their findings online in an attempt to be famous on social media. But as the local police treat these incidents as accidents to keep the town calm The ‘Tragedy Girls’ go to more personal lengths to make themselves famous which may include taking lives themselves.

This film is gonna be a huge success on the festival circuit with all its social media commentary and pop culture references yet at the same time this film works it’s ass off to be truly original and delivers a great story with some fun original kills and a well written script. 5/5

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The Terror of Hallows Eve Review

This film hit a very sensitive note for me as I take bullying very seriously so it’s good to see a movie that reflects how bullying affects someone and the consequences that come with it. The music from this movie was eerie and fit well in the dark atmosphere throughout especially The John Carpenter Tracks that got me so pumped for the scenes they featured in.

Tim is a young talented FX sculpture who makes monsters and gore effects. Also has a bad habit of playing Horror pranks on he’s neighbours. On Halloween night he’s beaten up by 3 bullies who he later on lures to his place where a night of terror and mayhem await courtesy of Tim and he’s new friend The Trickster.

The creatures designs and effects are OUTSTANDING. Doug Jones is great as The Trickster. I think we’ve all had that fantasy about getting back at someone who has hurt us and this film shows us the consequences of such hate towards those who hate. 4/5

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Better Watch Out Review

One thing I always like in my horror movies is Misdirection. This film isn’t out till December so I Strongly STRONGLY Suggest that you do not seek out any spoilers as you do not want this surprise ruined. The Twist for this movie has probably made it THE movie of Frightfest 2017.

Ashley is a young student babysitting on a cold Christmas night when a brick smashes through the window with a simple message ‘U Leave, U Die’. Ashley is then confronted with THE most bizarre home invasion EVER!

So many laughs in this one and at the same time it’s one of THE most chilling films of the festival (That’s not a Christmas reference…TRUST Me!) Their’s a great ‘Home Alone’ reference too. Levi Miller is the STANDOUT performance as Luke. Can’t wait to see what this young lad does next.

I genuinely left the screen speechless after what I saw. You can keep guessing all you want up to its release in December but you’ll never be able to call what goes down in this soon to be instant classic! 5/5

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Lowlife Review

A group of mismatched people which include a Mexican wrstler who is a vigilante of the people, An ex con with a swastika tattooed on his face and hotel manager with a troubled past. Together they attempt to save a pregnant woman form a vicious criminal gangster.

The crowd loved it at its world premiere and it certainly got a similar reception at its European Premiere here at Frightfest. It has a lot of funny moments but at its core it’s a very dark film and uncomfortable to watch at times with a great score and an 80’s feel to it. Nicki Micheaux did a great job with her role too.

Hoping to see more in the not too distant future from Director Ryan Prows. 4/5

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The Villainess Review

So last year at Frightfest 2016 we were blown away when The festival closed with an EPIC zombie action masterpiece from Korea. Well The Koreans are back with an epic action blockbuster with one of The best FPS openings Ever!

A woman who’s father was killed right before her eyes when she was a child has been taught to be a killer since and when captured by The local Government she is trained once more to become a sleeper cell agent. The more missions she gets the more her dark past comes to haunt her in The present which has a catastrophic impact on her future and her new family.

This film got a lot of Love at Cannes earlier this year and I can certainly see why with this high octane action packed ride from our friends in Korea. Some great original action sequences mixed with drama and emotion throughout. The Villainess is a true standout from this year’s festival. More Korean films please I say. 4/5

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Ruin Me Review

A recovering drug addict is taken to a weekend horror role-playing summer camp with a group of strangers at they are forced to solve puzzles in order to last the weekend….But the horrors of the weekend seem to be too realistic and the campers soon question wether they are part of a game or part of something more sinister.

What seemed like a typical horror comedy turned out to be a horror drama with a much more darker tone. It’s hard to figure out what’s real and what’s role play which does add to the tension. The carachters are a lot of fun too. I gotta give a lot of Love to the producers and the social media team who have worked their asses off to promote The hell out of this movie. This will do well in The festival circuit. Wish there were more puzzles as some of them were very clever. 4/5

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Double Date Review

Once again I must stand on that hilltop and express my love for Evil Chicks as Double Date delivers one super badass evil chick…and her not so evil sister….*Frowney Face* but if you single fellas want a list of all the things to say and do to NOT hook up with a women then ‘Double Date’ has you covered.

Jim, A shy almost 30 year old Virgin and he’s over eccentric best mate Alex go on a double date with Kitty and Lulu, Two very beautiful women on what seems to be just a night on The town. Little do The fellas know that these women have more sinister goals in mind as they plan to use the boys for something truly horrific.

This is one of the funniest films I’ve seen at This year’s Frightfest with another great audience participation as they were pissing themselves laughing throughout. The 4 main actors did a FANTASTIC job with their roles including Jim’s Family and their ‘Song’ (Jesus christ I was cringing at 1st and then found myself falling off the damn chair in laughter) This film does have a dark undertone to it also when you figure out why The sisters do what they do. We also get one bare knuckle badass motherfucker of a brawl which I did not see coming. Was kinda wondering if I was watching a horror comedy or another sequel to ‘The Raid’

Pure entertainment from start to finish. HIGHLY Recommend this one 4.5/5

….The only reason it didn’t get 5/5 was cause I wanted 2 Evil chicks instead of one but still an Awesome movie.

Incontrol Review

I was originally meant to see another movie at this time but I decided to support a young Canadian director by watching an interesting Sci-Fi thriller with a cool ‘Inception’ Vibe to it.

Sam is a student studying Sociology whilst also looking after a sick mother. Sam is invited to try out a Social Experiment that allows someone to control the minds of other people. Eventually Sam becomes addicted and starts losing control of her own Life.

So far this is one the most cleverest films that I have seen at This year’s festival with an amazing premise that can be pushed further with potential sequels. A true ‘Twilight Zone’ type twist at the end. I was kinda surprised that there wasn’t a bigger body count or a lot of shocking WTF moments as such a plot has the potential to deliver but Director Kurtis David Harder stuck to he’s guns and gave us what he thought was acceptable and I got a lot of respect for that. I just hope that we can get a more amplified version of this where we take the idea to new heights. 4/5

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Game of Death (2017) Review

One of my many passions in life is Video Games and The Game of death opening credits is a sweet homage to classic late 80’s early 90’s video games.

A group of teenagers find a board game called ‘Game of Death’ Where They have to kill 24 people (each person within a certain time limit) or one of them will be killed at random. Soon they start questioning and extremely going against their own morals in order to survive the game.

I Love films that are based on sadistic games and ‘Game of Death’ certainly does not disappoint with its body count, gore and a very twisted killing spree Montage that is one big head fuck. Although the Snapchat mobile footage did show that this was meant to be shown on a smaller screen so it did feel a little out of place on an imax screen…very short too unfortunately. 3/5.5

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