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Victor Crowley Review

I gotta tell you I needed something to get the adrenaline pumping again as doing these film festivals can take it outta you when you’re catching up with old friends, posting reviews and watching movies pretty much at the same damn time…Luckily for me (and the rest of the Frightfest audience) we were treated to one BADASS roller coaster ride that is Victor Crowley.

A group of wannabe filmmakers visit The Honey Swamp on The 10th Anniversary of The Honey Swamp Massacre where (Via Youtube…No Seriously YOUTUBE) Victor Crowley is once again accidently resurrected which causes a plane crash too. The survivors of the plane crash (Which includes the survivor of the original massacre 10 years ago) only to deal with the wrath of Victor Crowley.

Adam green has kept this movie a secret for over 2 years and has made a movie that celebrates everything we LOVE about horror and at the same time is a fun parody of itself. The Mortal Kombat guys need to take notes from these movies from the gory and inventive as Fuck kills…Hell why they’re at it make Victor Crowley a Mortal Kombat DLC Character. I’ve never laughed so hard at a Horror movie like I did with this movie and The Frightfest audience were ELECTRIC Throughout cheering and clapping during the kills and giving Mr Adam Green a STANDING OVATION after The credits (very IMPORTANT scene mid credits).

Another PHENOMENAL Horror Sequel That Electrified the crowd more then The Rock at all Wrestlemanias combined. 5/5

Attack of The Adult Babies

…….Have I ever told you guys that I’m. Psychic?? No??…Well I’m looking into my crystal ball into the future….It’s The day after Frightfest and I’m hailing my ‘WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH???!!!!’ Movie of Frightfest this….Crazy…As…Fuck….Film!!!

A family are taken hostage by 2 gunmen who order the mother, Daughter and son to collect a package from a nearby mansion within 3 hours or the father dies. This mansion is where a group of Women are paid to be ‘Nurses’ to a group of grown rich men who act (Literally) as Babies. But hidden in this Mansion is a dark secret that the family all become preyed upon and are forced to fight the sadistic nurses, The Adult Babies and the secret terror hidden in the basement of the mansion.

I’ve been going to Frightfest for about 4 years now and in these years I’ve never seen such a crazy, trippy as Fuck film that keeps amplifying the ‘What The Fucks’ like this insane ride from Dominic Brunt. So much humour, gore, a few classic horror lines here and there and even a short scene courtesy of Mr Lee Hardcastle.

A very entertaining, WTF Ride from start to finish. 4/5

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Jackals Review

I Love Cult Movies….Usually! The idea of being brainwashed by a sinister cult can make for great Psychological Horror. This was not fully the case here.

A family are surrounded and attacked in their own home by an Evil cult after trying to take back their son from said cult. The family try to Help their son see the error of he’s ways in order to get out of their terrifying ordeal but soon fight amongst each other as some within the family try to give him back to the cult in order to save their own necks.

This film would’ve been brilliant if it was a Short and not a feature film that had a very slow pace. The atmosphere and tension was great and The cult themselves were menacing but sadly not enough happened in this movie to justify it as a feature. Some of the deaths were fun and creative. But like I said should’ve been a Short. 2.5/5

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Alone Review

After a night at the fun fair. A young woman finds herself abandoned in an empty city after a supposed catastrophic event has occurred until she finds a small group of fellow youngsters who together attempt to unravel the mysterious dissappearence of the population of an entire city and the dark fog surrounding it whilst being preyed upon by a knife wielding attacker and drones.

This started out well with all the mystery of where is everybody?, Why are these kids still alive? And what’s on the other side of the fog? The reveal is good but The ending has left The Frightfest audiences scratching their heads wondering what’s going on?

Apparently this is meant to be the 1st of a Trilogy that would put the jigsaw pieces together but I do not think this was a strong opener to this Trilogy….if the Trilogy happens at all. 2/5

Dead Shack Review

Well if you guys are ever looking for a late night movie to fall asleep or just chill out to before falling asleep then look no further as director Peter Ricq has The Late Night party for you.

A family take the weekend away in a shack in the woods where the kids discover their neighbor on the other side of the woods has a family of her own who are always hungry…for flesh! The moment the kids are discovered by The Neighbour is an armoured up fight for survival including a drunk as Fuck dad and hockey masks.

This had me laughing (almost) throughout. It was a very funny film that is very well written and has some great gore. The score by ‘Humans’ is fantastic too. The costume designs for both The Neighbour and the kids are well made. Sadly I feel that the film fell kinda flat towards the end and that it lost The spark that made it enjoyable. Dispute it’s let down at the end I still recommend this movie but as a late Friday/Saturday chill out with your friends film as I promise you will be entertained. 3.5/5

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Leatherface Review

So before the WOLD PREMIERE (I felt such words needed capital letters) of Leatherface we were all treated to Leatherface masks where the cast and crew took a picture of the entire audience with leatherface masks…which was fun.

A group of mentally unstable children break out of a mental institution and make a run for the boarder with a nurse as a hostage and plan to achieve their goal no matter how many bodies are left in their wake. Hot on their trail is a sherrif who has no intention whatsoever on bringing them back alive after The tragedy The kids brought down on him.

Stephen Dorff plays the role of a guilt ridden law crossing vigilante cop well including a great Peformance by Lili Taylor as the mother of the kids just trying to bring them home by any means. This film defiantly has it’s moments including a scene that Quentin Tarantino might wanna sue somebody for and some decent gore moments but all together this is a half decent attempt at an origin story which could’ve been more scary and much more violent considering The Franchise Reputation. 2.5/5

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68 Kill Review

Travis Stevens is a producer who (…I’m meant to say rarely puts a foot wrong but now that I think about it this guy hasn’t Fucked up once)…and believe me 68 Kill is certainly no exception.

Lizard talks her sensitive boyfriend Chip into stealing $68,000 from their landlord but during the heist things don’t exactly go according to plan which spiral events going beyond out of control including Liza’s crazy surgeon brother, a kidnapping and a lot of dangerous people NOT to be crossed. Chip must eventually stand up for himself against he’s crazy girlfriend in order to get out the mess he has been dragged into.

68 Kill

Theirs a reason why 68 Kill won The audience award at SXSW earlier this year and it’s he face that this film is pure entertainment from start to finish. A lot of funny moments, witty lines, carachters that you love (and hate), some decent tunes, great style and even some emotional moments too if you can believe it for those who have seen the trailer.

Travis made a statement before the screening..’Women are the engine that keeps the universe running’ and from the great Peformances by all the female cast I can certainly vouche for that statement. 4.5/5

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Dhogs Review (Mini ‘Flow’ Review Also)

Had to rush out during the shorts screening on a quick errand. When I returned one of my Frightfest mates saw me sweating like a motherfucker and suggested I take a rest. So it was this film that allowed me that opportunity….Cause boy oh boy was I BORED…THROUGHOUT!!

From an intimate moment in a hotel to being stalked on the streets to being kidnapped out to the desert to being saved then ‘not’ saved to being trapped in a toilet a young lady has a really bad 24 hours where her actions may not be her own to make.

Now before I completely butcher the hell outta this I just wanna point out that it has a decent ‘Twilight Zone’ type twist that TBH if I was to watch it a second time I might appreciate this more. (Let’s face it, this happens to us all where we watch it the 2nd time knowing the twist ending so that the movie makes more sense and you can possibly enjoy it more) but I gotta tell you I found this to drag it heels throughout, very quiet, dull…almost walked out (I heard someone actually did walk of this one).

The music was quite good as it did build (some) tension which sadly didn’t pay off.

Dhogs is a movie that if I watch again I think I will appreciate more but sadly I found it quite dull with endless shots of people just staring at each other and no dialogue for I swear it felt like 5 mins Streight.

1/5 The 1 was for the twist ending.

One other thing I gotta add. A short film played just before Dhogs that in my opinion had no business playing before Dhogs called ‘Flow’ directed by Shelagh Rowan-Legg who is The shorts curator at Frightfest and features Lucy Clements. The reason I mention this film not having any business playing before ‘Dhogs’ is simply because Flow was Funny as Fuck and very entertaining to Watch with a cool comedic style that got me pumped as Fuck to watch ‘Dhogs’. I hope that Shelagh continues to pursue making more shorts as ‘FLOW’ was just a taste of a potential entertaining talent.

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It Stains The Sands Red Review

My 1st discovery film of Frightfest 2017 which has a (at 1st dumb concept)…with some layers.

A woman with a troubled past is pursued across the desert by a determined bloodthirsty Zombie as she is forced to endure the terrors of the desert and the dead.

When you are pursued by a ZOMBIE the best thing to do is run as fast as you can or find something nearby to kill the damn thing. It seems this lady does almost the exact opposite of this. But in many ways that is not the only trouble that she seems to be running from. It’s only when she ‘Stops running’ is where the movie finds it’s real pace….also the sickest game of fetch EVER!

Molly becomes more layered as the film moves on and eventually faces up to her sins of the past and attempts to make them right.

A decent drama that does drag it’s heels for most of the film but I am more interested in seeing a sequel that may be an improvement. 2.5/5

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Death Note (2017 Netflix) Reviews

I’ve seen the OUTSTANDING Anime and I’m not gonna lie I had some mixed feelings going into the movie….and I came out the same!!….So for this article I’ve decided to review this film twice (YES! You read right TWICE) I will give my thoughts in comparison to the Anime and my thoughts on this film as a stand alone movie….but 1st a basic rundown of the plot.

Light Turner has a mysterious book drop right next to him that gives him the power to kill someone as long as he has that persons face in his mind as he’s writing down their name. The books original owner is a god of death named ryuk who allows light possession of the book but of corse has his own agenda whilst light decides to use the book to punish criminals all around the world and creating an alias…KIRA!

Light (and his new girlfriend Mia) are eventually pursued by a famous detective known only as ‘L’ who is obsessed with stopping KIRA at all costs.

Death Note Review (STAND ALONE)

As a stand alone movie in a world where The Anime or comic does not exist this is a very clever film that makes us all debate wether we would do such a thing if we found a Death Note. The 3rd act is a bit rushed but the carachters (L, Mia and Ryuk) were incredible. Light Turner was ok but was an average typical teenager who keeps secound guessing his own moves with the death note. For a Netflix film I gotta say seeing it on the big screen really gave this movie a lot of depth and spectacle which I grew to appreciate so yeah as a stand alone movie for those who have never seen the Anime or read the comics or seen the previous live action movies I’d certainly recommend it. 4/5

Death note review (Anime Comparison)

I really, really, really WISHED that Netflix had made this into a 20+ (or even 13) episode live action series cause when you got someone as good as Adam Wingard at the helm he could’ve made this a MASTERPIECE cause sadly in comparison to the Anime it was big time rushed despite he’s absolute best efforts to get the key moments of the Anime in there.

Willem defoe as Ryuk was a GODSEND as he took that role and OWNED it. L was brilliant. Sounded and acted like L to the damn Letter I say. Mia…..oh boy this without question was the biggest IMPROVEMENT from the Anime as the Mia in the Anime was an annoying servant to Light who would do anything for him. In this movie…well…welcome to opposite land where I wanna marry this Badass Lady. Margaret Qualley was a standout as Mia.

As for light…again OPPOSITE LAND!!

This is what’s gonna piss everyone off who has seen the Anime. Light is also borderline the exact opposite of Light in the Anime and doesn’t come close to Light Yagami’s genius and wicked games that he plays against L.

I’m comparison to the Anime It’s actually not as bad as everyone was fearing it to be. I just wish they made the film maybe 2 and a half hours long to cover more ground and show some of the other great moments of the Anime that were sadly missed. 3/5

Death note is now available to watch on Netflix

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