Lizzie Borden Took an Axe (2014) Review

Ok….You may think I’m going in a different direction here with discussing a TV Movie but it is about an Axe-Wielding murderer…..I currently live in the UK so I had no idea that this show aired over the weekend till someone was tweeting about it…and which I’m glad they did…Cause it’s AWESOME!

This TV Feature follows the events surrounding the trail of Lizzie Borden who was accused of killing her father and Stepmother in the spring of 1892. Lizzie’s Father and Step Mother are murdered with an Axe and after an investigation the Sunday school teacher is on trial defending her innocence, This divides the town of Fall River, Massachusetts as some believe she is guilty whilst others fight for her innocence including her lawyer Andrew Jennings (Billy Campbell) and her sister Emma Borden (Clea Duvall) The prosecution (Lead by Gregg Henry) do everything in their power to prove her guilt and get a conviction.

One thing I must mention about myself is that I LOVE Femme Fatals (Bad Girls) in Movies and TV especially when they are being portrayed correctly…and Christina Ricci’s performance as Lizzie was FANTASTIC. I’ve liked her ever since she ‘Smiled’ in ‘Adams Family Values’. In this movie she manipulates almost everyone around her to believing that she is innocent in an almost seductive style. The soundtrack also stood out by adding modern indie music to this timeline which was great, (Kinda hoping they’d release an album..Fingers Crossed) their were some other great performances from Clea Duvall and Gregg Henry the pace during the trial might’ve been a little slow but the style of the movie and the ending was great and the violence was very graphic which for a TV movie I found quite surprising. Altogether I Loved this, I just wished I could’ve seen it on the big screen but it’s available on the Lifetime app so I highly recommend checking it out especially if you dig evil chicks and are a fan of the Lovely Christina Ricci

5/5 One of Christina Ricci DEADLIEST Peformances

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