Starry Eyes (2014) review

Of all the films I saw at this year’s Film 4 FrightFest this one for me personally was the most…Eye-Opening.

Written & Directed by Kevin Kolsch, Dennis WidMyer the movie revolves around Sarah (Played fantastically by Alex Essoe) a highly ambitious woman living in Los Angeles working as a waitress in a diner desperately seeking fame & fortune by becoming an actress. But when she fails auditions she reacts violently by doing harm to herself in an outburst of rage. She is caught by an acting recruitment member and is given another chance to audition by ragging in front of the talent scouts. She then attends a series of bizarre auditions that eventually lead her to make questionable choices which concerns her friends. She is highly ambitious and is willing to do what it takes to make it in the big city…by any means necessary.

This movie was indeed a stand out at the festival for its dark insight into making it in the film industry. It’s how we perceive the journey from being nothing to being important whilst losing sight of what really matters all around us. When I say Alex Essoe played her role fantastically, it’s cause she goes all the way when she ‘loses it’ plus she makes such a convincing performance of a woman desperately seeking stardom and the lengths she’s willing to go to get there, This is a very powerful movie with some great visuals and decent performances. The directors make a fantastic effort into the visuals and how they set the tone for the movie throughout.

4/5 One of the BEST Films ive ever seen at Frightfest

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