Annabelle: Creation Review

One thing that the films within ‘The Conjuring’ universe have never failed to do is scare the living crap out of its audience….and i can reassure you that ‘Annabelle: Creation’ is certainly NO exception!

12 years after The Mullins lose their daughter in a tragic accident they open their home as an orphanage for young girls awaiting parents. Samuel Mullins (Anthony LaPaglia) (A Doll maker….You see where this is going) is kind to the girls but has very strict rules…Such as not to visit his wife who is left in her room after an incident that happened not long after the loss of their daughter and to stay out of a locked room that holds a very creepy doll. But curious Janice (Talitha Bateman) fails to stay out of the ‘Locked’ room and from there things start going a little more then bump in the night for the orphen girls and Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman)

From that point on the orphens and Sister Charlotte are Terrorized by a spirit that is powerful on an X-men Level that would make Dark Pheonix blush and of course it wouldn’t be a creepy 21st century horror movie without some sweet innocent song to freak everyone the F**k out.

This is another scary and atmospheric thrill ride that only The Conjuring team know how to deliver which has an unsettling tone throughout where you just dont know where the next scare is coming from. Also a great set up into The Annabelle movie we all are very aware of. Now if we can get cracking on The Nun movie that would be great…Might’ve been some Nun references in this one which you’ll have to find for yourselves. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

4/5 Fantasic Conjuring Prequel. Sometimes you gotta go backwards in order to progress forwards in horror these days.

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