Cult of Chucky Review

Frightfest 2017 opened up with arguably one of the BEST and most ENTERTAINING Horror sequel of the 21st century.

Before the feature we were treated to a special short documentary called ‘The Dollhouse’ which follows the journey of the Dourif family and their dedication to The Chucky franchise.

Nica Pierce is serving time in a mental asylum for murdering her family. During her therapy sessions the doctor introduces a ‘Good Guy’ doll to help Nica overcome her trauma. From this point on a series of grizzly events begin to take place and Nica (with the help of Andy Barclay himself) ateempt to survive the asylum, The ‘Good Guys’ and the psychotic Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly).

Cult of Chucky is a film that keeps you guessing throughout. The kills and gore are of course creative and very artistic. The visuals are amazing (Especially when you’re watching this on an IMAX Screen). This is a thank you to the ‘Cult’ (Fans) with a lot of clever references including an MCU Style clip after the credits. Needed more Jennifer Tilly if you ask me but I got a funny feeling we’ll be getting more of her and Chucky in the future. 4/5

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