Death Note (2017 Netflix) Reviews

I’ve seen the OUTSTANDING Anime and I’m not gonna lie I had some mixed feelings going into the movie….and I came out the same!!….So for this article I’ve decided to review this film twice (YES! You read right TWICE) I will give my thoughts in comparison to the Anime and my thoughts on this film as a stand alone movie….but 1st a basic rundown of the plot.

Light Turner has a mysterious book drop right next to him that gives him the power to kill someone as long as he has that persons face in his mind as he’s writing down their name. The books original owner is a god of death named ryuk who allows light possession of the book but of corse has his own agenda whilst light decides to use the book to punish criminals all around the world and creating an alias…KIRA!

Light (and his new girlfriend Mia) are eventually pursued by a famous detective known only as ‘L’ who is obsessed with stopping KIRA at all costs.

Death Note Review (STAND ALONE)

As a stand alone movie in a world where The Anime or comic does not exist this is a very clever film that makes us all debate wether we would do such a thing if we found a Death Note. The 3rd act is a bit rushed but the carachters (L, Mia and Ryuk) were incredible. Light Turner was ok but was an average typical teenager who keeps secound guessing his own moves with the death note. For a Netflix film I gotta say seeing it on the big screen really gave this movie a lot of depth and spectacle which I grew to appreciate so yeah as a stand alone movie for those who have never seen the Anime or read the comics or seen the previous live action movies I’d certainly recommend it. 4/5

Death note review (Anime Comparison)

I really, really, really WISHED that Netflix had made this into a 20+ (or even 13) episode live action series cause when you got someone as good as Adam Wingard at the helm he could’ve made this a MASTERPIECE cause sadly in comparison to the Anime it was big time rushed despite he’s absolute best efforts to get the key moments of the Anime in there.

Willem defoe as Ryuk was a GODSEND as he took that role and OWNED it. L was brilliant. Sounded and acted like L to the damn Letter I say. Mia…..oh boy this without question was the biggest IMPROVEMENT from the Anime as the Mia in the Anime was an annoying servant to Light who would do anything for him. In this movie…well…welcome to opposite land where I wanna marry this Badass Lady. Margaret Qualley was a standout as Mia.

As for light…again OPPOSITE LAND!!

This is what’s gonna piss everyone off who has seen the Anime. Light is also borderline the exact opposite of Light in the Anime and doesn’t come close to Light Yagami’s genius and wicked games that he plays against L.

I’m comparison to the Anime It’s actually not as bad as everyone was fearing it to be. I just wish they made the film maybe 2 and a half hours long to cover more ground and show some of the other great moments of the Anime that were sadly missed. 3/5

Death note is now available to watch on Netflix

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