It Stains The Sands Red Review

My 1st discovery film of Frightfest 2017 which has a (at 1st dumb concept)…with some layers.

A woman with a troubled past is pursued across the desert by a determined bloodthirsty Zombie as she is forced to endure the terrors of the desert and the dead.

When you are pursued by a ZOMBIE the best thing to do is run as fast as you can or find something nearby to kill the damn thing. It seems this lady does almost the exact opposite of this. But in many ways that is not the only trouble that she seems to be running from. It’s only when she ‘Stops running’ is where the movie finds it’s real pace….also the sickest game of fetch EVER!

Molly becomes more layered as the film moves on and eventually faces up to her sins of the past and attempts to make them right.

A decent drama that does drag it’s heels for most of the film but I am more interested in seeing a sequel that may be an improvement. 2.5/5

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