Psychopaths Review

So I was very (VERY) Tired and was considering giving this movie a pass and getting the last tube home but I said ‘no fuck that I’m gonna stay and check this one out’…and I think (in some aspects of this movie) I made the right decision to hang about…’s why….

A mass murderer is executed via the electric chair but not before issuing a grim warning that his spirit would possess and further encourage the will of some of the most deranged maniacs on that full moon night.

Now I’m not gonna sugarcoat this….This film does lack a plot…but it makes up for with some very cleverly written characters. So for this review I shall express my opinions on the psychopaths

The Midnight Strangler: a woman-murdering obsessive….especially when it comes to hair. He was ok. The moustache suited him Lol.

Blonde: A women who lures her prey into a deadly trap where she takes her sweet time with her victims. Yeah she was a badass.

The Masked Ghost: (He doesn’t have a name I just gave him that name Lol) A contract killer out for revenge and is willing to kill all within his path. Strong and silent type. He had some cool moments in this.

And my favourite and stand out psycho without question….

Alice: an escaped mental patient with two minds about everything who is clearly living in the past. Ashley Bell blew the roof of this show with her performance. She has a very chilling scene that I’m obviously not spoiling.

I also gotta give a shout out to the great soundtrack and sweet visuals. If you wanna watch an insane ride about 4 lunatics going to work….then Mickey Keating has the film for you. 3.5/5

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