68 Kill Review

Travis Stevens is a producer who (…I’m meant to say rarely puts a foot wrong but now that I think about it this guy hasn’t Fucked up once)…and believe me 68 Kill is certainly no exception.

Lizard talks her sensitive boyfriend Chip into stealing $68,000 from their landlord but during the heist things don’t exactly go according to plan which spiral events going beyond out of control including Liza’s crazy surgeon brother, a kidnapping and a lot of dangerous people NOT to be crossed. Chip must eventually stand up for himself against he’s crazy girlfriend in order to get out the mess he has been dragged into.

68 Kill

Theirs a reason why 68 Kill won The audience award at SXSW earlier this year and it’s he face that this film is pure entertainment from start to finish. A lot of funny moments, witty lines, carachters that you love (and hate), some decent tunes, great style and even some emotional moments too if you can believe it for those who have seen the trailer.

Travis made a statement before the screening..’Women are the engine that keeps the universe running’ and from the great Peformances by all the female cast I can certainly vouche for that statement. 4.5/5

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