Dead Shack Review

Well if you guys are ever looking for a late night movie to fall asleep or just chill out to before falling asleep then look no further as director Peter Ricq has The Late Night party for you.

A family take the weekend away in a shack in the woods where the kids discover their neighbor on the other side of the woods has a family of her own who are always hungry…for flesh! The moment the kids are discovered by The Neighbour is an armoured up fight for survival including a drunk as Fuck dad and hockey masks.

This had me laughing (almost) throughout. It was a very funny film that is very well written and has some great gore. The score by ‘Humans’ is fantastic too. The costume designs for both The Neighbour and the kids are well made. Sadly I feel that the film fell kinda flat towards the end and that it lost The spark that made it enjoyable. Dispute it’s let down at the end I still recommend this movie but as a late Friday/Saturday chill out with your friends film as I promise you will be entertained. 3.5/5

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