Dhogs Review (Mini ‘Flow’ Review Also)

Had to rush out during the shorts screening on a quick errand. When I returned one of my Frightfest mates saw me sweating like a motherfucker and suggested I take a rest. So it was this film that allowed me that opportunity….Cause boy oh boy was I BORED…THROUGHOUT!!

From an intimate moment in a hotel to being stalked on the streets to being kidnapped out to the desert to being saved then ‘not’ saved to being trapped in a toilet a young lady has a really bad 24 hours where her actions may not be her own to make.

Now before I completely butcher the hell outta this I just wanna point out that it has a decent ‘Twilight Zone’ type twist that TBH if I was to watch it a second time I might appreciate this more. (Let’s face it, this happens to us all where we watch it the 2nd time knowing the twist ending so that the movie makes more sense and you can possibly enjoy it more) but I gotta tell you I found this to drag it heels throughout, very quiet, dull…almost walked out (I heard someone actually did walk of this one).

The music was quite good as it did build (some) tension which sadly didn’t pay off.

Dhogs is a movie that if I watch again I think I will appreciate more but sadly I found it quite dull with endless shots of people just staring at each other and no dialogue for I swear it felt like 5 mins Streight.

1/5 The 1 was for the twist ending.

One other thing I gotta add. A short film played just before Dhogs that in my opinion had no business playing before Dhogs called ‘Flow’ directed by Shelagh Rowan-Legg who is The shorts curator at Frightfest and features Lucy Clements. The reason I mention this film not having any business playing before ‘Dhogs’ is simply because Flow was Funny as Fuck and very entertaining to Watch with a cool comedic style that got me pumped as Fuck to watch ‘Dhogs’. I hope that Shelagh continues to pursue making more shorts as ‘FLOW’ was just a taste of a potential entertaining talent.

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