Leatherface Review

So before the WOLD PREMIERE (I felt such words needed capital letters) of Leatherface we were all treated to Leatherface masks where the cast and crew took a picture of the entire audience with leatherface masks…which was fun.

A group of mentally unstable children break out of a mental institution and make a run for the boarder with a nurse as a hostage and plan to achieve their goal no matter how many bodies are left in their wake. Hot on their trail is a sherrif who has no intention whatsoever on bringing them back alive after The tragedy The kids brought down on him.

Stephen Dorff plays the role of a guilt ridden law crossing vigilante cop well including a great Peformance by Lili Taylor as the mother of the kids just trying to bring them home by any means. This film defiantly has it’s moments including a scene that Quentin Tarantino might wanna sue somebody for and some decent gore moments but all together this is a half decent attempt at an origin story which could’ve been more scary and much more violent considering The Franchise Reputation. 2.5/5

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