Attack of The Adult Babies

…….Have I ever told you guys that I’m. Psychic?? No??…Well I’m looking into my crystal ball into the future….It’s The day after Frightfest and I’m hailing my ‘WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH???!!!!’ Movie of Frightfest this….Crazy…As…Fuck….Film!!!

A family are taken hostage by 2 gunmen who order the mother, Daughter and son to collect a package from a nearby mansion within 3 hours or the father dies. This mansion is where a group of Women are paid to be ‘Nurses’ to a group of grown rich men who act (Literally) as Babies. But hidden in this Mansion is a dark secret that the family all become preyed upon and are forced to fight the sadistic nurses, The Adult Babies and the secret terror hidden in the basement of the mansion.

I’ve been going to Frightfest for about 4 years now and in these years I’ve never seen such a crazy, trippy as Fuck film that keeps amplifying the ‘What The Fucks’ like this insane ride from Dominic Brunt. So much humour, gore, a few classic horror lines here and there and even a short scene courtesy of Mr Lee Hardcastle.

A very entertaining, WTF Ride from start to finish. 4/5

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