Jackals Review

I Love Cult Movies….Usually! The idea of being brainwashed by a sinister cult can make for great Psychological Horror. This was not fully the case here.

A family are surrounded and attacked in their own home by an Evil cult after trying to take back their son from said cult. The family try to Help their son see the error of he’s ways in order to get out of their terrifying ordeal but soon fight amongst each other as some within the family try to give him back to the cult in order to save their own necks.

This film would’ve been brilliant if it was a Short and not a feature film that had a very slow pace. The atmosphere and tension was great and The cult themselves were menacing but sadly not enough happened in this movie to justify it as a feature. Some of the deaths were fun and creative. But like I said should’ve been a Short. 2.5/5

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