Victor Crowley Review

I gotta tell you I needed something to get the adrenaline pumping again as doing these film festivals can take it outta you when you’re catching up with old friends, posting reviews and watching movies pretty much at the same damn time…Luckily for me (and the rest of the Frightfest audience) we were treated to one BADASS roller coaster ride that is Victor Crowley.

A group of wannabe filmmakers visit The Honey Swamp on The 10th Anniversary of The Honey Swamp Massacre where (Via Youtube…No Seriously YOUTUBE) Victor Crowley is once again accidently resurrected which causes a plane crash too. The survivors of the plane crash (Which includes the survivor of the original massacre 10 years ago) only to deal with the wrath of Victor Crowley.

Adam green has kept this movie a secret for over 2 years and has made a movie that celebrates everything we LOVE about horror and at the same time is a fun parody of itself. The Mortal Kombat guys need to take notes from these movies from the gory and inventive as Fuck kills…Hell why they’re at it make Victor Crowley a Mortal Kombat DLC Character. I’ve never laughed so hard at a Horror movie like I did with this movie and The Frightfest audience were ELECTRIC Throughout cheering and clapping during the kills and giving Mr Adam Green a STANDING OVATION after The credits (very IMPORTANT scene mid credits).

Another PHENOMENAL Horror Sequel That Electrified the crowd more then The Rock at all Wrestlemanias combined. 5/5

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