Better Watch Out Review

One thing I always like in my horror movies is Misdirection. This film isn’t out till December so I Strongly STRONGLY Suggest that you do not seek out any spoilers as you do not want this surprise ruined. The Twist for this movie has probably made it THE movie of Frightfest 2017.

Ashley is a young student babysitting on a cold Christmas night when a brick smashes through the window with a simple message ‘U Leave, U Die’. Ashley is then confronted with THE most bizarre home invasion EVER!

So many laughs in this one and at the same time it’s one of THE most chilling films of the festival (That’s not a Christmas reference…TRUST Me!) Their’s a great ‘Home Alone’ reference too. Levi Miller is the STANDOUT performance as Luke. Can’t wait to see what this young lad does next.

I genuinely left the screen speechless after what I saw. You can keep guessing all you want up to its release in December but you’ll never be able to call what goes down in this soon to be instant classic! 5/5

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