Double Date Review

Once again I must stand on that hilltop and express my love for Evil Chicks as Double Date delivers one super badass evil chick…and her not so evil sister….*Frowney Face* but if you single fellas want a list of all the things to say and do to NOT hook up with a women then ‘Double Date’ has you covered.

Jim, A shy almost 30 year old Virgin and he’s over eccentric best mate Alex go on a double date with Kitty and Lulu, Two very beautiful women on what seems to be just a night on The town. Little do The fellas know that these women have more sinister goals in mind as they plan to use the boys for something truly horrific.

This is one of the funniest films I’ve seen at This year’s Frightfest with another great audience participation as they were pissing themselves laughing throughout. The 4 main actors did a FANTASTIC job with their roles including Jim’s Family and their ‘Song’ (Jesus christ I was cringing at 1st and then found myself falling off the damn chair in laughter) This film does have a dark undertone to it also when you figure out why The sisters do what they do. We also get one bare knuckle badass motherfucker of a brawl which I did not see coming. Was kinda wondering if I was watching a horror comedy or another sequel to ‘The Raid’

Pure entertainment from start to finish. HIGHLY Recommend this one 4.5/5

….The only reason it didn’t get 5/5 was cause I wanted 2 Evil chicks instead of one but still an Awesome movie.

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