Game of Death (2017) Review

One of my many passions in life is Video Games and The Game of death opening credits is a sweet homage to classic late 80’s early 90’s video games.

A group of teenagers find a board game called ‘Game of Death’ Where They have to kill 24 people (each person within a certain time limit) or one of them will be killed at random. Soon they start questioning and extremely going against their own morals in order to survive the game.

I Love films that are based on sadistic games and ‘Game of Death’ certainly does not disappoint with its body count, gore and a very twisted killing spree Montage that is one big head fuck. Although the Snapchat mobile footage did show that this was meant to be shown on a smaller screen so it did feel a little out of place on an imax screen…very short too unfortunately. 3/5.5

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