Incontrol Review

I was originally meant to see another movie at this time but I decided to support a young Canadian director by watching an interesting Sci-Fi thriller with a cool ‘Inception’ Vibe to it.

Sam is a student studying Sociology whilst also looking after a sick mother. Sam is invited to try out a Social Experiment that allows someone to control the minds of other people. Eventually Sam becomes addicted and starts losing control of her own Life.

So far this is one the most cleverest films that I have seen at This year’s festival with an amazing premise that can be pushed further with potential sequels. A true ‘Twilight Zone’ type twist at the end. I was kinda surprised that there wasn’t a bigger body count or a lot of shocking WTF moments as such a plot has the potential to deliver but Director Kurtis David Harder stuck to he’s guns and gave us what he thought was acceptable and I got a lot of respect for that. I just hope that we can get a more amplified version of this where we take the idea to new heights. 4/5

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