The Terror of Hallows Eve Review

This film hit a very sensitive note for me as I take bullying very seriously so it’s good to see a movie that reflects how bullying affects someone and the consequences that come with it. The music from this movie was eerie and fit well in the dark atmosphere throughout especially The John Carpenter Tracks that got me so pumped for the scenes they featured in.

Tim is a young talented FX sculpture who makes monsters and gore effects. Also has a bad habit of playing Horror pranks on he’s neighbours. On Halloween night he’s beaten up by 3 bullies who he later on lures to his place where a night of terror and mayhem await courtesy of Tim and he’s new friend The Trickster.

The creatures designs and effects are OUTSTANDING. Doug Jones is great as The Trickster. I think we’ve all had that fantasy about getting back at someone who has hurt us and this film shows us the consequences of such hate towards those who hate. 4/5

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