The Villainess Review

So last year at Frightfest 2016 we were blown away when The festival closed with an EPIC zombie action masterpiece from Korea. Well The Koreans are back with an epic action blockbuster with one of The best FPS openings Ever!

A woman who’s father was killed right before her eyes when she was a child has been taught to be a killer since and when captured by The local Government she is trained once more to become a sleeper cell agent. The more missions she gets the more her dark past comes to haunt her in The present which has a catastrophic impact on her future and her new family.

This film got a lot of Love at Cannes earlier this year and I can certainly see why with this high octane action packed ride from our friends in Korea. Some great original action sequences mixed with drama and emotion throughout. The Villainess is a true standout from this year’s festival. More Korean films please I say. 4/5

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