Tragedy Girls Review

Last year’s closing film at Frightfest 2016 was a tearjerker MASTERPIECE that had us all bawling our eyes out and ended The Festival on a HIGH Note. This year’s Closing film was no exception (I mean we were only crying cause the festival ended) as we were Massively entertained with a BADASS Action Comedy about best friends and The Twisted lengths we are willing to go to become big on social media.

2 best friends kidnap a serial killer in an attempt to learn the full details of his killings so that they can report their findings online in an attempt to be famous on social media. But as the local police treat these incidents as accidents to keep the town calm The ‘Tragedy Girls’ go to more personal lengths to make themselves famous which may include taking lives themselves.

This film is gonna be a huge success on the festival circuit with all its social media commentary and pop culture references yet at the same time this film works it’s ass off to be truly original and delivers a great story with some fun original kills and a well written script. 5/5

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