10 Awesome Shorts From Frightfest 2017

Frightfest presented a series of great Feature Films but it would be a cardinal sin to not mention The Amazing Shorts I witnessed at This year’s Frightfest too. So here are some brief reviews for 10 AWESOME Shorts I saw at Frightfest 2017. Before I start I’m referring to the shorts that played in the 3 short blocks that played during the festival.

For a Good Time Call – Dir. Izzy Lee
This is quite simply a Fuck You to all The asshole men of The world who think it’s cool to film themselves having sex with their girlfriend and post it online and scratch their heads with confusion as to ‘How ever did it get online’? Tristan Risk is on hand to teach a very harsh Lesson to said asshole in this disturbing (yet powerful) Short.

Teddy Bears Picnic – Thomas Hodge – Q very well designed set (Streight out of The Mad Hatter’s scenes from Batman Arkham City). A mother and daughter go into the woods where there is a deadly surprise awaiting them. Love The costume too.

Real Gods Require Blood – Moin Hussain – A disturbing Drama about a troubled family that draws a thin line between life and death. The atmosphere was very disturbing throughout.

Vocabulary 1 – Becky James – Arguably the funniest short of the festival which takes young education to a whole new level. Had the entire crowd pissing themselves.

Blood Shed – James Moran – A Fun Comedy about a Shed that eats people. A lot of cool references to classic horrors too. Very well written too.

Feeding Time – Matt Mercer – Adventures in Baby sitting where The adventure doesn’t end well when you’re babysitting demons. Najarra Townsend and Graham Skipper are fun as the over eccentric parents.

Mab – Katie Bonham – A disturbing fairy tale drama about a young girl living in poverty when she visits an old woman with a dark occupational whilst dealing with a toxic relationship. A great atmospheric drama.

The Welcoming – Russ Gomm – Uncomfortable short with no dialogue featuring a family out on a picnic when a young girl goes for a walk and finds herself lost and at the mercy of a cult member. Brilliantly Shot.

Maivaises TĂȘtes (Bad Heads) – Rebekah Fieschi – An obsessed woman who wishes to try out different boyfriends creates her own sick experiment to find the right man. A fantastic throwback to 1930’s Horror.

Man in The Moon – Monique Mulcahy – An Emotional moving drama about a single mother having to let go of her son when he is sent to the moon by aliens.

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