5 Awesome Shorts From The INSHORT Film Festival Day 1

Was invited to be apart of the audience at the 2017 INSHORT Film Festival Day 1 Hosted by Gati Gatuszewska. This was a very open minded film festival that showed a variety of unique shorts from all over the world. Here are 5 Shorts that stood out from Day 1 of The 2017 INSHORT FILM Festival.

Who The Hell is Satan – Leo Ferri – A fascinating documentary about a female singer lead metal band based out of Tehran, Iran where rock music is banned and women are not aloud to sing in public. The band ‘5grs’ are brave and passionate about their music. Brilliant piece that encourages people to follow their dreams no matter what the risk.

Atomic Couple – Rodrigo Espinosa – A brilliant drama about a woman willing to pursue her career goals eve if that means losing the man she loves. Fantastic drama with an uplifting mood.

Dark_Net – Tom Marshall – The Funniest short of the festival featuring comedian Johnny Vegas who consideres hiring a hit man to kill he’s ex-girlfriends new boyfriend. Laughed my ass off watching this. Johnny Vegas has still got it.

The 12 Project – Hadi Moussally – 12 Fantastic micro shorts expressing love for fashion and life. Very experimental and visually groundbreaking.

Morning After – Patricia Chica – A young man has an unforgettable night with his old friends that makes him question his own sexuality. A wonderful uplifting drama about truly finding ones self amongst loved ones which would be more celebrated as a feature film as ‘Morning After’ Delivers exciting carachters with very open personalities that make this an interesting short from a passionate director and crew.

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