Egomaniac 2016 Review

Fun little fact about myself. Every February I host a series of screenings in London in support of WIHM (Women in Horror Month). At the very 1st WIHM Event that I hosted I had the opportunity to show a trailer for Kate Shenton’s Feature Debut ‘Egomaniac’ which would have its world premiere to a sold out crowd at Frightfest 2016.

Catherine Sweeney is a driven young woman who has a dream of making a Zombie Romantic Comedy Horror. She is offered funding for the film as long as she makes a few ‘Changes’ to her original concept. Which pretty much includes everything she had planned for the film in the 1st place which includes changes in actors, plot and the addition of a talking dog. Catherine eventually falls under all the pressure and humiliating hurdles that she struggles to pass and eventually takes matters into her own hands to make the film she’s always wanted by any means necessary.

I’m meant to tell you that this is the funniest film of 2016 with its great improv type humour and great script (and yeah it is a damn well made funny movie) but I swear towards the end it gets pretty dark and gritty. Which I think director Kate Shenton had in mind after all. If I was reviewing this after seeing it the 1st time in would’ve put this as a negative but after seeing this 3 times (cause it’s THAT good) I actually see this as strong point of the film as it reflects some of the hardships that female filmmakers (and if I gotta be honest most filmmakers in general for that matter) deal with when attempting to get their films made.

Truly compromise does kill and in many metaphoric and Fucked up ways as this film has its fantastic humour blended with dark under tones that made this one of the most funniest (and possibly most disturbing) films of Frightfest 2016. Nic Lamont is full of energy as Catherine Sweeney throughout and I gotta give a shout out to Eric Elick on an intense score too. 5/5

Egomaniac is now available on itunes and Amazon Prime

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