The Babysitter (2017) Review

So you’ve all seen DIE HARD right???…I’m assuming anyone reading this has…and you’ve seen all the different versions that other movies have copied over the years…well The Babysitter is pretty much DIE HARD…With a Babysitter….if The Babysitter is Hans Gruber…it’ll make more sense when you watch the movie…not if..WHEN!!…Cause you need to watch this AWESOME Action – Horror – Comedy.

Cole is an insecure 12 year old boy who is pretty much afraid of everything, learning to drive, spiders, bullies and the possibility of his parents getting divorced. But at least he has a beautiful Babysitter looking after him. One night he stays up late to see the Babysitter having a Truth or Dare Party with her friends….Where someone gets brutally killed….and has their blood poured into a cup for some satanic ritual…..oh did I forget to mention that the Babysitter and her friends are Satanists….well I just did. They also plan on taking some of Coles Blood for the ritual….Cole obviously has other plans. So begins a night where Cole finds himself trying to survive from a gang of sadistic teens Hell bent on sacrificing Cole to keep their dark secret.

This movie has SO MUCH going for it right now. A great cast of young actors, a great soundtrack (I swear ‘We are the champions’ has been used in awesome ways before but THIS may very well be a winner here) and great style that director McG knows only too well. I do have some issues with the film the biggest one being that I wish we got more time with more charachters as some of them were Massively entertaining. Bella Thorne being an example here as she had some funny as hell lines. But the 2 mains which is of corse Cole (Judah Lewis) and Bee (Samara Weaving) had FANTASTIC Chemistry throughout the movie. Kinda wish I hadn’t seen the trailer as I would’ve given this 5 Stars. But yes I encourage all to see this FANTASTIC Netflix instant classic. Certainly one I’ll watch many times over


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