Once Upon a Time At Christmas Review

A small town in Canada is under Seige at Christmas as a serial killer couple posing as Mr and Mrs Clause go on a sadistic killing spree leaving the police (for the most part) baffled. The killings DO have a connection and the police and town locals work effortlessly to track down the crazy duo.

Christmas horror movies this year are OWNING it in the independent scene. 1st ‘Better watch out’ and now this. The couple are pretty much what would happen if you mix Harley Quinn and The Joker with Mickey and Mallory Knox. Christ theirs TOO MANY similarities between this movie and The Dark Knight….Not that it’s a bad thing…I need to do a spoiler review around Christmas.

This film ENTERTAINED me from start to finish with its sadistic kills, The cops effortlessly hunting down the killer by any means and Mr & Mrs Clause stealing the show with their amazing Peformances. We need to get a kickstarter to make this into a series of comic books…or better yet a video game. 5/5

That’s right…I’m making this my 5STAR Film of The British Horror Film Festival. Once upon a time at christmas is released in Canada, USA and The UK on December 11th. Congrats to director Paul Tanter, Producer Mem Ferda and the entire cast and crew.

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