Caught Review

In the 1970’s A married couple who specialise in photography are visited by a strange man and woman who question the couple about a field nearby occupied by the army. When the couple fail to answer the strange duo they are viciously attacked and have no choice but to comply to these people who….don’t exactly act like regular people. The couple must figure out what they want if they wish to survive the day with not only their lives at stake but their children also.

This is a very atmospheric Horror that takes place AT DAYTIME which I think is brave. The performances of The ‘Strange Couple’ (Just a cute nickname I gave the baddies as this movie is a lot like ‘The Strangers’) is FANTASTIC. They remind me of ‘The Family’ From Dr Who Season 3. The ‘High Stakes’ of an entire family at risk from these ‘people’ is what makes this film as uncomfortable and terrifying to watch…Not enough horror films with that these days. Very well scripted too. Gotta give a shout out to Amy Pearson for her incredible Peformance also. 4/5

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