Redwood Review

A troubled couple take a journey into the woods where they decide to take a ‘Short Cut’ to a restricted area where they are preyed apon by Vampires. But not all is at at seems as the vampires are a result of a curse much more terrifying.

This is a brilliant Carachter driven story about a couple who are coping through a crisis. You care a lot about this couple and their struggles which many out there sadly can relate too…..However.

If I’m being hunted in the woods by Vampires with my girlfriend I’m not gonna be cracking jokes every few minutes. Which is why the script isn’t that greatly written but the carachters are BRILLIANTLY performed by both Mike Beckingham and Tatjana Nardone.

It’s also a shame that Nicholas ‘Xander Harris’ Brendom doesn’t have enough screen time as he stood out as this badass ranger in the woods…wouldn’t mind a film about his Carachter. The score is great though and the scenery shots from the drones were amazing too that set up the atmosphere also. 3.5/5.

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