Buzzard Hollow Beef Review

A family come together to celebrate Thanksgiving only to discover that the meat they are devouring are passing on horrifying holucinations that eventually drive the family insane and paranoid of the potential dangers that lurk.

I felt this film was a bit too short as things did get out of hand towards the last 30 mins but sadly not in a way that you knew what was going on. I will say that the pratical effects for the gore and violence was FANTASTIC and was the stand out and tbh when was the last time you saw a horror about people holucinating from eating meat and turning Into potential crazy cannibals so I have to give writer Tara C. Hall a lot of credit for that. In some ways it is a Typical Cannibal film with its own twist as it doesn’t really follow traditional rules which in my mind is a good thing. 3/5

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