In Extremis (2017) Review

A man comes home early from his office job to a massive storm that sets off a chain of bizarre events where he struggles to project his wife and daughter from a tragic Truth that he is yet to come to terms with.

Director Steve Stone directs and writes a beautiful and vicious tragic story about coming to terms with a brutal reality where we are all trying to fight back an inevitable storm. Despite the time confusion in the middle of the film the 3rd act pays off brilliantly with a MASSIVE kick to the gut that leaves you in tears. David o’Hara delivers an INCREDIBLE Peformance as a family man trying desperately to hold on to the family that he loves and eventually comes to terms with a sad truth.

The music and atmosphere is brilliant also. This is a sad but brilliant tale about facing some hard truths and having to sometimes let go no matter how tragic the circumstances. 4.5/5

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