‘The Ranger’ Review

This years Arrow Video Frightfest kicked off with Jenn Wexler’s Direcrorial Debut ‘The Ranger’ which opened for a reason….Cause it’s BRUTAL…..AS…..FUCK

A group of Arrogant (I seriously can’t stress enough) ARROGANT Punk teens run from the city after a wild night which may have included a shit ton of drugs and a SERIOUS assault on a police officer. They run to a cabin near a mountain where they encounter The Local Ranger who takes his job VERY Seriously!

Within the group of drug dealing, Stealing & Vandelising bunch is Chelsea who’s cabin they hide in used to belong to her uncle who passed away when Chelsea was very young. Eventually the group run foul of The Ranger who needs just the smallest excuse to MASSIVLY abuse his authority in the most sickening of ways. Before they know it the group find themselves in a fight for survival where Chelsea must confront the truth of her uncles death and the maniac hell bent on changing her ways.

This is an old school late 70’s style survival horror where there is no mercy handed to these kids by a Satistic Ranger who hunts his prey with no remorse. I swear it’s like what would happen if The Terminator and Robocop had a baby.

Chloe Levine is without question THE Standout performance of this movie as she takes no shit from start to brutal finish. Jeremy Holm is entertaining also as The Ranger with his twisted but chill sense of Humor.

The deaths were fun too and I Liked the soundtrack although I wish there was more score as that at times set a creepy atmosphere that blended well with this impressive debut in The Directors Chair from Jenn Wexler.

A SOLID 4/5.

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