Braid Review

At Film festivals all across the world we all watch movie that make us all react in different ways. Some positive…Some Negative and some that make us flat out say simply…..WHAT THE FUCK??!!!! The latter is what truly stands out at Frightfest 2018 with ‘Braid’.

Braid follows 2 young female drug dealers who almost get busted by the cops and are forced to retreat to their friends Daphne who is quite unstable and sets up a sadistic game of doctor in which the girls are forced to roleplay and obey the rules…..or else.

I truly like a little bit of madness in my movies ESPECIALLY when it involves crazy, sadistic women. Which thankfully this movie delivers. I’m not too keen on the plot which kinda went nowhere and the movie relied on its visual (Trippy) Effects and out right insanity to save the day where in places it did but other places failed.

Give me an actual story with a plot i can follow and this could’ve been the 2nd 5Star movie of Frightfest 2018 but sadly I gotta give it a 4/5.

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