Frightfest: Beneath The Dark Heart of Cinema Review

Frightfest Day 2 began with a wonderful documentary spelling out in detail everything I’ve been screaming at my closest friends and family the adrenaline fuelled 5 day extravaganza that is The Wrestlemania of Film Festivals FRIGHTFEST!!

FRIGHTFEST: Beneath The Dark Heart of Cinema tells the history of a Film Festival that has existed for almost 20 years with interviews from Alan Jones, Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattery and Grey Day including long time loyal members of the Frightfest community including Jake West, Mal Jutley, Damon and Annette Rickard, Katie Bonham also feature directors Adam Green, Joe Lynch… I swear to god my fingers are gonna fucking bleed out if I end up mentioning everyone in this documentary.

No seriously director Chris Collier and Craig Lakin Ennis worked their asses off to include as many members of The Frightfest Community as possible through interviews, shots of them at the festivals over the years or all the awesome photos of the community within the credits. (Many thanks for showing my FrightFest tattoo as well guys….No I’m not crying you’re crying Lol)

The interviews were very honest about the opinions not only about the standout films of the festivals from The Human Centipede, Hachtet, The Soska Sisters American Mary, but also the venues that changed over the years and hurdles that the organizers had to overcome to get the best films played at every festival.

After watching this documentary the respect and love that I have for not only Paul, Alan, Ian and Greg but the Frightfest Community as a whole has rapidly increased as this documentary shows just how much FrightFest means to everyone involved from the creators who work their asses off year round to make it happen to the fans who show their appreciation by showing up and enjoying the amazing films shown every year.

5/5……This was never in any doubt.

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