Mega Time Squad Review

Opening night of Frightfest 2018 ended with a fun sci-fi comedy all the way from New Zealand called Mega Time Squad.

Mega Time Squad follows a young criminal who collects for the local crime boss of his small town when he one day decides to rob a Chinese shop. There he finds a bracelet that grants him the ability to time travel. From there he (Poorly) attempts to make his life better by (Again Poorly) outwitting his former boss and taking his bosses sister as she apparently has a crush on our would be (and I say this very loosely)….Hero??

I’m not gonna lie….I didn’t think this movie was as good as it was hyped up to be HOWEVER I was pissing myself laughing during many scenes. I 100% believe in giving credit where credit is due and Director Tim Van Dammen certainly delivered on the comedic side of this movie with a very blunt script. Wouldn’t mind seeing more comedies form this filmmaker.

3/5 A one time watch but highly recommended to those who want to laugh their asses off.

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