Summer of 84 Review

The RKSS Gang Return from The OUTSTANDING Success of The 2014 masterpiece ‘Turbo Kid’ and have gifted FrightFest 2018 with The 80’s style suspense thriller ‘Summer of 84’.

A young kid suspects that his next door neighbor is a serial killer so he rounds up his 3 best friends to help investigate the mysterious and circumstancial events that may (or may not) prove themselves right.

This film has everything you want in a Love letter to the 80’s from goonie style kids who just can’t stay out of trouble (or innapropiate jokes about girls they like) to a great soundtrack filled with classic 80’s tunes that is paired with an amazing score. Incase you were wondering YES there are many classic 80’s references and even a reference to IRON SKY. 10 points to whomever spotted that reference during The Frightfest Screening. 20 to whomever gets the South Park one too Lol.

As funny and entertaining as this film is it is at the same time DEFINATLY a Horror Movie and you will leave this movie with a cold chill down your spine. Which is what impressed me the most about this movie.

4.5/5 Keep up the good work RKSS

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