Boar Review

Frightfest Presents took the opportunity to showcase their new titles added to their collection at Frightfest 2018. One title they have chosen is The Australian Creature Feature BOAR.

Boar follows a small but close community in australia who are terroized by a Boar the size of a Rhino. People are picked off one by one by this killer machine of an animal who is leaving dead bodies in its path.

The creature itself looks scary and intimidating as any creature that came before in horror which I usually enjoy and did at times during this movie and The pratical creature effects amplified the terror. However I find it hard to believe that a creature as big as this beast can move around so quietly without being detected which bothered me as if you want to scare an audience with the creatre just simply have it tear through people and not build up jump scares.

The cast were great. I love the vibe and Banter of the community which did keep me entertained throughout. The gore and deaths were Fantastic also. I do wish the creature had a chance to kill more people in the daytime as the night time kills you could bearly see. Seeing this beast in the daytime charging at people was terrifying and I wish I could’ve seen more of that.

A Solid 3.5/5 Lets hope for a couple of sequels to establish this Beast.

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