Book of Monsters Review

I have a few regrets in my life. One of them was nor contributing to the kickstarter to this Amazing film by ‘The Creature Below’ Director Stewart Sparke which opened Day 3 of FrightFest at The Prince Charles Discovery Screen. Book of Monsters.

On her 18th birthday sophies’ friends host a birthday party at Sophie’s house whilst her dad is away filled with booze, a male stripper, and a group of hideous creatures summoned by a shape shifter from a book that belonged to Sphoiesmother who was murdered right in front of her at a very young age. The group are then forced to fight back against the monsters and prevent a ritual that would bring Armageddon to the world.

Book of monsters is a Fantastic Love Letter to old school 80’s horror that blends into a modern theme with a stellar cast, Fun kills and INCREDIBLE Creatures that are designed and made with incredible practical effects. I am preying they continue the story with not only a sequel but maybe a TV show too.

4.5/5 Arguably one of The Best Films of This years FrightFest

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