Chuck Steel: Night of The Trampires Review

Saturday Afternoon at FrightFest continues to be the gift that keeps in giving as this incredible festival brings us an EXPLOSIVE and Entertaining Stop motion animation laugh our ass off till you fall out of your seat spectacular that is ‘Chuck Steel: Night of The Trampires’

Chuck Steel working for The police force and saddened (Pissed off) at The ‘Loss’ of his wife investigates a dissapearence which leads him on an exciting adventure which includes multiple sidkicks, blown up TV’s, continuous abuse of authority and Trampires…..Vampires….Who are drunk….. and Homeless. Chuck must then put his past mistakes behind him as he takes on a horde of alcohol fuelled and thirsty bloodsuckers Hell bent on taking over The world.

One of the most UNIQUE Films of this years FrightFest that took 3 years and a lot of hard work to create a visualy breathtaking Stop motion Animated instant Classic from director (and Voice of Chuck Steel Himself) Mike Mort.

5/5 Would love to see more Animated Horror at FrightFest in The Future

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