Dead Night Review

For many years at Frightfest we have been greeted by The Presence of The Horror icon Barbera Crampton. This year she returned to Frightfest bringing her A Game with a unique role that’s certainly outside the box for this chilling thriller called Dead Night.

A family take a break from their current woes with a winter trip to a cabin in the woods which is unlike any other cabin trip previously told in horror as they save a woman from the cold only to find out that sometimes helping others can lead to grave misfortunes as the family is then terroized by creatures and a darker conspiracy as the secrets of the cabin are unraveled.

This was a dark, disturbing slasher where you think its being spoiled by the ‘True Crime’ episode that plays throughout the movie but the truth is far more bizarre which makes this the beginning of (I Hope) a small franchise as it left a lot of unanswered questions but still managed to be entertaining with good kills, great creature effects, impressive score and a Stand Out, Chilling performance from Barbara Crampton.

4/5…..Keep an eye out for that Paul Verhoeven reference too

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