Heretiks Review

Saturday Afternoon and FrightFest decided to jump on board The Nun train with a couple of Nun related Horrors at this years festival in the build up to next months release of The Conjuring prequel ‘The Nun’…Spoiler alert I’m gonna be typing Nun a lot in this review of ‘Heritiks’.

In The late 1600’s a young woman who is condemned a witch for having Visions is almost burned at the stake (by the awesome Michael Ironside) when she is saved by a Nun who takes her to a convent where she joins other nuns to find ‘Salvation through God’…..Yeah, About that….

60 years prior a group of nuns may have performed a ritual that may have summoned a demon that may have for many years after possessed and tormented most of the nuns in convent and the head nuns are doing all they can to cover it up which may not have been done too well.

I personally have not always been the biggest fan of films set way back when cause I end up making Monty Python and The Holy Grail Jokes Throughout but Director Paul Hyett made sure there was none of that from me as Heritiks not only delivers on its scares but its incredible performances, sick gore and chilling atmosphere from start to bloody finish.

4.5/5 Nun Season is a Booming.

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