American Fright Fest Review

Day 3 of Frightfest 2018 would end ironically with a film Entitled Fright Fest. Before the film began Ian Rattery was gonna offer a prize to whomever could correctly count how many times ‘Fright Fest’ was said throughout the movie.

Fright Fest is an event set up by a mayor in a small town on Halloween night where people go to get jump scared to death through a terrifying maze….The patrons nor the staff however were not expecting a deranged psychopath who just escaped a crashed prison van to be cutting them down one at a time. But that’s the unfortunate situation that awaits all who visit Fright Fest.

This film has a great plot idea that sadly wasn’t executed too well. It was very sloppy in places but what it lacked in storytelling they made up for (at times) in actual Exicutions of The psychopaths victims. It has the generic line up of those you would suspect to see in such peril including the selfish asshole who is obviously looking out for No.1. The killer himself certainly makes his presence felt throughout and lays waste to all within his path of destruction which I thoroughly enjoyed. To be honest I think the crowd were pretty exhausted from the previous film (Upgrade) that they just couldn’t fully commit to a film that despite its madness sadly didn’t deliver as well as it could’ve. 3/5

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