Dementia Part 2 Review

The FrightFest hits just kept coming on day 3 with a Fantastic indie movie shot entirely in Black & White by directors Matt Mercer & Mike Testin.

Dementia Part 2 follows a young man who just got out of prison forced to work as part if his parole and is sent to do a plumbing job at an old lady’s house….But what is meant to be a quick visit turns into a Bizarre day filled with countless house chores from a troubled woman who is far more disturbed then meets the eye, an ambitious waitress with her own secret agenda and a boss who certainly enjoys being a bullying asshole.

Dementia Part 2 is an entertaining Laugh Riot which borrows from such classic horrors as Friday The 13th, Evil Dead and Shaun of The Dead. Great performances all around from The cast especially Suzanne Voss. Another great example of indie Filmmaking from Matt & Mike. Fun Fact: Najarra Townsend’s Carachter Shelagh is named after FrightFest regular Shelagh Rolan-Legg.

4/5 Hope to see more from Mike & Matt in the very near future

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