Upgrade Review

LIVE From FrightFest IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!! and after being released in America for over a month we were Finally treated to a Blumhouse offering which came in a form of a Sci-Fi Thriller Upgrade from Australian Director Leigh Whannell.

A man who is paralyzed and forced to watch his wife being murdered right before his eyes gets an opportunity at vengeance at those responsible when a boy genius grants him an Advanced AI Chip surgically attached to his spine that allows him not only to walk again but to obtain abilities far beyond his physical and mental capabilities. But the closer he gets to achieving his goal the more he starts to lose control of his new gift and eventually unravels a far more sinister secret to his wife’s death.

Upgrade is an intense, Paul Verhoeven Style, Sci-Fi Spectacular that takes influence not only from Verhoeven’s work but also the likes of Blade Runner, Cyborg with Fight scenes that mimic The Matrix and The Raid with some gory moments that have made Upgrade a Frightfest Saturday night instant classic.

5/5 Due to the reaction from a pumped audience.

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