He’s Out There Review

3rd film of the day saw a decent Home invasion Movie about a mother who is put in a difficult situation where she needs to protect her scared and sick children from a psycho killer.

‘He’s Out There’ Follow a mother and her 2 daughters (with Daddy a few hours behind on the road) take a break at a Lake House in the middle of the woods. The 2 Girls follow a trail that lead to a tea party and cupcakes. But who set up the tea party? Later on one of the girls is sick and from there the terror begins as mommy and her 2 Daughters are tormented by a maniac in a mask who comes and goes as he pleases to further frighten the family with a sadistic game of Cat and Mouse.

This is a typical by the numbers slasher with a sadistic killer seamingly playing with his food however the atmosphere is chilling and the mask he wears is quite scary. But it has that ‘We’ve seen this before’ vibe. 2.5/5

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