Piercing Review

Usually at Frightfest you can find some hidden gems hiding away in The discovery screens at The Prince Charles Cinema. Sadly Piercing is not entirely one of them.

A Husband with a loving wife and baby goes away to a hotel on ‘Business’ when really he intends to spend a night with a Prostitute…and kill her. But in his attempt to fulfill his darkest desires he finds that he has chosen the wrong girl to mess with and eventually the tables are turned.

Piercing was based on a book from Ryu Murakami (who wrote the screen play for Audition) so I was expecting a lot more then I got in the The film. It certainly has a one or maybe 2 twisted WTF Moments that I believed were just the appetizer for the meal to come but sadly the film in my opinion ended way too early and despite its twisted and at times interesting carachters this could’ve worked better as a short with its Anti-Climax. 2.5/5

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