Anna and The Apocalypse

FrightFest is The amazing film festival that it has been for almost 20 years due to its selections of unique films that in a film festival of horror/genre films stand out and have their own message and style. The hit high school musical horror masterpiece Anna and The Apocalypse is certainly no exception to this.

Anna is a young high school student who wishes to travel the world when she lives school much to the dissaprovel of her protective but loving father…..but first she and her high school friends just have to survive a Zombie Apocalypse…With a little singing and dancing in between the mayhem and carnage all around them….No big deal.

Some of the best songs you may find in a musical EVER features in John McPhail’s lyrical emotional rollocoaster which has an upbeat but also brutally honest truths about the times we currently live in. The kills are amazing. The performances from the Entire Cast are FANTASTIC. Gotta give a shout out to Anna Herself (Ella Hunt) and Paul Kate as the sadistic Vice Principal Savage who loses his sanity in his attempt to maintain order of his school.

Anna and The Apocalypse is THE Film we all need RIGHT NOW and will be out in Cinemas November so I Highly recommend you all check it out then. 5/5 all singing, all dancing, all slashing sensation.

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